Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Just found out that next Monday, we will be going bac to sch liao...
Actually not really bye cos i will be bring my com to sch but then cannot play game and read manga one lol..
then only 4 pm release lol..
by the time reach home alrdy like 5 pm liao..
then moreover have Homework sia....!
maybe hav tuition oso!

Pray i will get along wif my new classmates and not get bullied =.=

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Today, me n my dad went to collect my uniform for SST
I told everyone that it is a Polo T-shirt..
Well, yes..
It is a Polo T-shirt but the colour !!!
Sze-g, you noe the t-shirt is SAME as ur blue polo t-shirt.. the dark blue one..
Szeg u should noe...

Then mine is the skort..
the colour is like West grove the skirt colour but lighter!!!

but at least mine no tie ^_^

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I wish u a merry christmas,
I wish u a merry christmas,
I wish u a merry christmas and a happy new year!
Merry Christmas everyone!! ^_^
Today went to Sandy's christmas party..
Onli me; sze-g;sandy;si hui; Jun xiang and rui jie
then i go there watch auntie Lucy first then later i go watch G-force
So cute sia ^_^
Then play hide and seek...
Ya i noe
but kinda fun
I nvr be the catcher b4 lol cos i always nvr get caught first...
Then send si hui to bus stp then jx and rj oso go
then left sandy; me and sze-g
Thn have girls talk
thn go home =.=
Later going out my family to eat
Merry X-mas

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Class outing

Yesterday, I went to east coast wif szeg;Fang ting;si hui;Chen yi;Jovin;Wei zhi;Jin Qian;Jia jun;Gary..
So fun..
After we got down the MRT, WE had NO idea on how to go east coast..
So ask ppl lol, thn got one woman say is bus 14 lol..
Th ask the bus 14 the driver thn he say this bustop hav no bus going to east coast thn Ft suggest to go and ask the MRT interchange for direction thn FINALLY noe which bus to sit liao..
It is bus 31.
Thn walk there...
Go burger king..
Thn go rent bicycle...
Thn go beach play thn go bac Jp eat thn 9.30 leave...
So happy when i reached home..

Friday, December 11, 2009

Kimberly's Party

Yesterday was Kimberly's b'dae!!
Had a great time!
we met a dog and started to play wif it,and we went crazy over the dog..
Then, szeg saw a baby!!
I ran towards the baby..
Went i walked towards the baby, he opened his arms and said:"Gaa-goo" or sth like tat.
Then i went to hold his hand and he kept smiling at me!!~~~
Tell me how to not like,nono LOVE, babies!!!!~

Love babies Forever!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


What is the meaning of true love?
Why does she like the person that hates her?
Why must he make her like him even though he hates her?
Are there people who really understand the meaning of love?
Why do people say that there have experience true love? Even though when you ask them:
What is true love?How does it feel like?
They are unable to answer.

These question floods my head without anyone answering them.
Nobody will be able to answer these question.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Anisah B'dae

Today is Anisah's B;dae ^^
Happy b'dae Anisah!
We went to watch the movie: New Moon
I sat next to sze-g and a unknown person..
Jun xiang sat next to Sze-g
We watch..Blah Blah
Until this part where Jacob changed into a wolf mah
then very loud so me and sze-g very scared
then jun xiang sunddenly say: "Roar!" or sth like tat
It scared me and szeg then we both screamed...
Lol XD
Only me and szeg scream...
Then oso hav this part where edward went to the Volturi
Then they wanted to kill bella cos she knew too much about vampires
then edward becomes a hero and trys to save bella
so this guy started to fight edward then the floor started to break when edward hit it and blah
This guys threw edward and he hit to stairs and the stairs broke and at tat part me and szeg screamed..
only we scream sia...

Had a great day ^^

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I went to ppl blogs and blah..
Very happy tat they all doing well not like me..
I ran out of manga to read
as all the online manga(wif romance) i read liao
and i only read completed ones as i lazy wait =,=
I hope tat everyone goes into there dream sch..
and i noe a lot of ppl who wans to go Clementi town and jurong sec...
Pray most of frens goes to sch somewhere in clementi cos SST is in clementi so maybe can meet after sch and talk about sec life?

Hope so...

Monday, November 30, 2009

Psle result

Got into SST..
Today go registrate..
and order bks and uniform..
The uniform is navyblue wif short(Skirt wif pants underneath)
the short colour is around the same colour as our west grove skirt...
The BEST part is tat...
So happy
and they oso allow ankle socks...
Today i went to but labtop too...
Must buy one..
I brought a Macbook pro..

P.S- Hope u all get into the sch of ur first choice kay!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Graduation Lunch

Ok, Today is one of my Best day eva!
Its gonna to be long but.. I will try and make it short =.=
Woke up.
Got ready and went to Si hui hse.
Thn met Jing yan;Fang ting;Wan Ting
Took load of pics in the canteen!~
Gonna post it on facebook soon after i charge my camera's battery..
At the lunch..
The first thing sandy did after sitting down next to me was to ask the t'cher,"When is lunch going to br served?"
Thn u noe hav the wad Congrats song..
Sandy said " Which bloody man sang this"
Thn she kept asking for refills for the juice.. =.= Lols
When the bread was served, sandy found out her plate was dirty so she ask for a new plate..
She waited for like 20-30 sec?
Thn she cannt take it anymore..
She stood up, went to a waiter and said,"Where is the plate i asked for??" she said it in a ... you noe a.. how to describe arh?
She sat for only like 9 sec thn she stood up and went into the back room where the waiter always appear..
Thn finally, she has the plate she has been like erm.. waiting for?
Sandy, you're so CUTE
Thn went around taking pics..

Went bac to sch..
Decided to go mac wif Anisah and frens..
thn met Wei Lao shi
Went to her hse lol
So pretty
Only me;brena;sze-g;evelyn
Went to mac..
By the time we reach there, they wanted to leave..:< [Anisah and frens]
thn go junxiang hse
play blind-fold
thn go nurul hse untill 7.30pm thn leave
well.. tats all =.=
tried to reduce but seems unsucessful lol
So nervous for tmr lol

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I miss my frens so much leh sia...
Graudation Lunch sure cry one..
Maybe should bring one packet of tissue?
Maybe two?
Maybe one whole box?

My mom brought me a dress!?!?!
Yes,A Dress
She told me to wear it..
I dun wan
She force me
Cos she say.. If dun wear the dress then next time i wear maybe too small liao
Then i wear it lol
So i am wearing a mini jacket wif my black dress

Actually the dress kinda pretty leh


Monday, November 16, 2009


Today, Normal day lol...
Okay, I shall skip to the funny part.
Jun xiang and szeg playing stress, then wei jie suddenly come and say:"Sandy my gf"
We all ignore him cos we noe he making fun of sandy
Then when mrs chin let us go home
Wei ji say:" Sandy my gf" and he said that to Jingyan;Qianlin;Jan
I keep laughing then sandy whack me
Then i tell szeg and evelyn then we all laughing
Then me and sze g say together:" Wei jie and sandy stead"
Then say what we all go write in blog
Ahya.. We all noe that wei jie is just joking =.=
Btw sandy say that they are NOT in a relantionship

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nth to do

This few days go sch oso nth to do..
Ytd,got the sex talk[Lols]
Guys and girls separate..
Guys go Mr wahid class and girls stay..
Talk about..[Very private things]
Then,when we found out the guys coming back to our class..
We quickly shouted to Mrs Chin:" Stop! Stop! The boys coming back!"
Then I saw the boys laughing at us lol =.=
Then sth ver .. scaring happened..
Can't sae..
But 6H ppl should noe lah.

Gtg liao

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Today my b'dae
Sandy;Sze-g;Sihui;Wanting;Peisha;Evelyn;Trudy use recess time to secretly buy a cake for me...
Make wish.
Eat cake.

Then blah blah...

After sch, Me;Sihui;Fangting;Wanting;Peisha;Szeg go jp together
Eat at KFC.
Go 77th street but in the end nvr buy anything.
Go arcade.
Play DDR.
Play so long oso forget the time.
Then Szeg;Wanting;Peisha came to the arcade to find us cos when me and fangting [Sihui oso but she left early so she only plae for a while] in the arcade,they went shopping.
Then suddenly they sae HAPPY B'DAE then pass me a bag.
I open then inside got a BABY minnie mouse and 3 postcard of BABIES !!!! AGHHH
So cute
At JP see a lot of BB...
Keep screaming then Ft kinda annoyed
Came home.
My second sis gave me a keychain/ phone chain of a milk bottle. SOOO CUTE
My smallest sis gave a aeroplane chess set ^^
So happy
I oso buy 4 mangas there.. [shared cost wif FT ^^]

This is one of the HAPPIEST day of my life ^^

Muacks bb

Monday, November 2, 2009

Marina Barrage

Today go Marina Barrage...
Actually sit wif Shu ting..
Then change i sit wif Fang ting..
Go there folo tour guide...
Blah Blah
Then break Time...
Bring SOOOOO many food leh...
Everyone share..
Gurl gib guys,Guys gib gurls...
So full leh but still left so many..
Then girl guy food ( or should i write SNACKS) fight.
Then we go play wif water..
the water playground
and btw Sze g's frisbee got thrown into the water by EUGENE TAN
Play wif water..
Guys purposely make gurls wet lah ..
so angry but kinda fun
Then go back sch lah..
Go bb court..
Then EC over there record vids..
WT,PS,SH tell me things about wad EC did..
U wanna noe..
Ask me i tell u


Friday, October 30, 2009

Pissed off

Today Damn pissed off b'cos of Someone
Tat Someone talked bad about me behind my back..
So wad leh..
Think he/she VERY popular in School lah
Say what a lot of ppl hate me..
Not like a lot of ppl like tat someone oso...

Forget it
Damn pissed


Thursday, October 29, 2009

At sch

Juz finished the H.E and S.S test...
It was okay..
But oso kinda hard..
Dun care liao lah.
I slept during H.E
Now at com lab..
Guys playing Counter Strike...
Gurls leh...
Dunno wad they playing.
Yesterday,I went to Nurul hse..
Played Blindfold.
They help me put henna [correct spelling?]
Quite pretty but oso ugly.
Soo cold now
And Thanks for taqqinq everybody ^^

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jurong Pointz

Today go jp wif Sze g and Si hui ^^
So happy..
Sit Bus go there.
Then go mac buy ice-cream..
Go window shopping cos we wanna eat the i-scream finish first then go arcade.
So fun we took off our shoes then dance.
Feet became Black ( Eekkk )
Then saw,Fatimah,Si lei,Gloria
Said Hi ^^
Went Comics Connection..
Brought TWO [2] Mangas ^^
So happy!!
Saw a lot of babies there!!
One of them was yawning when looking at me
Luv them [Babies!!]


Today got S.P.A progamme..
I teach my student STH finally!!
Cos previous lesson almost all questions he noe how to do and today, finally he dunno sth. I teach him still dun understand, Teach him again , Still dun understand... But in the end he understand liao!!~
After the progamme, I wanted to go home then i saw : Wanting;Sihui;dora;peisha there teaching a Indian gurl one question tat dora has been teaching her for half an hour...
Then saw Jovin and Wayne, si hui and me pulled them and asked [ Or should i write FORCED] them to teach the girl..
Mr chao shuai [Wayne =.=''] say wad: Tv is 7 times printers so Tv is 7u and printer is 1u. So Tv is 7 times....
Stupid rite Repeat wad is written on the paper...
Dunno how he teach one..
Then I say go canteen sit down and teach. All agreed. But in the end, we kinda gave up cos that girl is like DAMN stupid lah.. =.='' ( NO OFFENDS K? )
So, Me and Jovin went to find Miss koh cos she t'cher wad so more specialise in t'ching.
Miss koh dunno say wad then we all go home lol cos she told us to go home.
Forget to say tat actually jovin and wayne are suppose to walk jan home but when me and jovin went to find t'cher,Wayne escaped..
So i replace wayne lol.. I walk jan home wif jovin.. Damn unlucky cos it started to rain lah but jan,jo,me no umbrella so walk under the rain...
I there so EXTRA lah but when i walk behind them Jan will slow down and talk to me...

Nid go sleep liao tmr nid to wake up early... =.=''

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trudy BBQ

Yesterday,I went to Trudy BBQ party..
It was ok lah..
Me and jovin had a cooking competition, we had Fang Ting and JJ to be judge and guess wad... No body won cos JJ voted for Jo and Ft voted for me... Sianz.
Oh,I was searching Youtube and I came across this vid.. Go watch DAMN nice..
SURE TO MAKE YOU LAUGH COS THERE GOT BABY LEH..[Some] There are oso cat vids.. specially for sandy:th-cat-lover


Friday, October 16, 2009

Manga pics

All these pics are pics of Toddlers!! SOOO cute and one of the pics there is a girl carring a cat soft toy I hope Sandy would like it...
The First pic is what we describle as Puppy love ( Baby love ) Man it is like SOOOOOO cute lah! Luv them ^^

p.s click on the pics to enlarge


So sad..
Today I sick.
I had headaches during MT and they were DAMN pain even worse than being cane by my parents..
Then, I started to vomit. I vomited 3 times already..
I took a nap and felt better and I could eat..
So my mom say if I no longer vomit she would not bring me to the doctor..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cute Manga

My Friend juz send me this CUTE manga pic I let a you all see..Click the picture to enlarge it...

Exam Bye bye !!

Yay! So Damn happy Exam Bye Bye liao. Now reading manga and watching anime and NO NAGGING Whoo!!!
But Dunno why I can't login into Facebook leh...
Sandy or maybe some else come and help me leh....
They say my account disabled...=.=
Help I wanna play leh....

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Today, I understand the meaning of " Feeling the stroke of Death even when you are alive".Being scolded for wad you did not do.Getting beaten for doing nothing at all.Using the rights of being an adult.Hiding in a dark room, crying.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Arh! Help needed...
Tomorrow P-S-L-E Liao wad should I do leh....
Some ppl like MR DJ and MR JL say muz relax..=.=
You tell me how to relax HUH!
tomorrow psle liao leh....

Forget it... Mr JL is still cycling happily on his tiny little bike.....[I saw him]

I decided to somewad relax too... 0.o..

Monday, October 5, 2009

Study Room

Today, Me,sandy,sze-g and eveyln went to the Gek Poh study room.Then,We were KINDA loud and this IDIOTIC man, we call him perverted Dog keep "Barking" over there, did this:
*Knocks On my table
"Ni Men Ke Bu Ke Yi An Jing!" Translate for those who can't read this sentence(e.g FT)
"Can You Shut Up!!!!!!"
That DAMN bastard....
We keep writing letters about him... You should have seen sandy....
She said that the two things that she have regretted in life is:
-That time at Mac's(sci centre there) She did not argue back wif that Stupid lao ah po(Not chin other woman) She so DAMN gekpoh!!
-Not arguing back wif that stupid DOG(That perverted dog) she said that she would have said this to that DOG If she was given another chance:
"UNCLE(actually that guy quite young around his twenties lah) You knock on the table very loudly u noe can YOU keep it down!!"
when i heard that i was laughing but not very loud cos that bastard is sitting right BEHIND me.....

Stupid Guy go ruin my PERFECT day

And i am not finish,, There is another stupid gekpoh old lady!
we were WHISPERING (Yes whispering!!!!!) then she said:
Go hell lah wan to go shh shh then go toilet lah say so loud not shamelesss one..
we call her " HE MA" which is Hippoputamas[Sry, My spelling sux] then when she went out i went out too then u noe wad i saw.. she was squatting on the floor and talking to her handphone and using her hand to cover her mouth... i think she wans to shit but then dunno where is the toilet so she call police ask for further information... haix pity this kind of attention seekers!! That guy muz be jealous of us the FOUR pretty lady then he so ugly one!!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

F1 Race

Yesterday, I went to the F1 Race. To say the truth it is B-O-R-I-N-G... == I almost fell asleep.. The best part was when one of the cars crash INFORNT of me but i had my eyes close as like I said I was going to sleep!! Damn it I missed the MOST exicting part haiz.. I took pics wif my phone so I can show u the pics but I took only some of them since my phone was FULL!!!
Ask me if uu wan to see the pics and I have uploaded it on my Facebook!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


PSLE in like 2 weeks time... HELP!!!
I tried banging my head on the wall to make myself smarter cos I heared that it will waken my brain... But I found our that it didn't work cos I am still so stupid so I tried stuffing myself with fish cos i heared that eating fish will make me smarter but after reading a article in the magazine stating that eating will not make you smarter unless you are in your mother's womb and your mother eats a LOT of fish then the baby will be smart but my mom did not eat fish when i was in her womb as she said that the fish stinks of freshness....
Tell me how to make me smarter I will accept any method...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Japanese Resturant

Yesterday, I went to a Japanese Buffet Resturant. Man, I stuffed myself wif LOTS of sushi until I cannot take it anymore. I went to drink miso soup, it taste a blend but it is ok. There are cakes and a lot of sweet stuff...
Man i was in heaven(not really lah)
I had lots of fun yesterday!
Oh,and I wish eveyln a late happy birthday!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Science Centre

Today I went to the science centre...
Then got the talk (or wadeva) then Wei Zhi got called out and Fang Ting too. Hahas then must spin for 10 rounds then touch each others index finger... Hahas(Eveyln and anisah dun get angry wif me)..
The fun part was that we went to sit the Morphis movie ride. Our WHOLE class went to sit the ride Including Mrs chin...Damn fun sia.. Hahas
Gtg My mom scolding liao

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In school

Now in school....
Wei Lao Shi sooo nice let us play the computer but actually i am suppose to do the publisher only but....
Today after recess get maths results....
Sure die one lah.....

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pictures of 6HCL2

This are some picture of us 6HCL2

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Suck lah ...
Prelim very diificult sia and nowadays Sandy is soooo getting on my nerves. She suddenly call me '母猪[Female Pig]' when i did not do anything to her lol then she go tell chermaine that I hate her which is so not true.
Haiz,Prelim is irrating/stressful enough and here Sandy is add salt into the wound.

T'cher day coming soon and I think I am going to give Chin a present... I noe... Some of u think it is stupid to gib her something rite but I think she at least got teach us something wad....

Friday, August 21, 2009



English Oral is fine but i dun think i can say that for Chinese...
Next week is Prelim liao and moreover the MATHS sure DAMN difficult one lah... HAIZ jux pray that the PSLE is not THAT diificult.... In the blink of an eye, It is already like 2mths from PSLE. HELP!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Sisters Sux

Now I finally understand how Fang ting feels about her sister. Both my sister suck!!! Fang ting u are luck enough that one of ur sibling is always helping u. Both sisters come together and betray me by telling my mom I am computer even thought they also got play then I told my mom they played the computer too then bothe of them say only I play!!

I hate my sisters !!!!!!!!!!!

I still have a lot of story about them betraying me and ETC.....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

national day celebration

Today my Dad say he will bring us go watch the firework but we are nt inside the stadiam we are watching it outside hahas...

My Mom keeps nagging about me studying cos these few days of the holiday I keep playing com and she keep saying " Kok yin ah!All the sch u DSA for oso nvr get in so u must work hard for PSLE but u keep playing com! If gt exam about playing com then I let u play but dunno have that kind of Exam wad...."
Then I will reply lke tis "HELLO! SST not sch meh they havent reply yet ok!" then my Mom keep saying i sure cannt get in one cos i keep playing com and i have jux realize that I have been posting for 3 days straight!!! hahas not a record but it is a PERSONAL record...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

erm.... dunno wad topic

Happy Happpy mood today....

Yesterday after the sch national day celebration, I went to the cinema and watched the 'UP' movie (The floating hse) it is nice but i almost cried cos the first part a bit.... while sad.

By the way,Steel rose is NOT from West Grove... He lied before about him being in 6H/6G and He says that he has erm... some gang members in 6H (Dunno real anot)...

Friday, August 7, 2009

National Day

Happy birthday Singapore !!!!!!!

Today sch celebrate national day. When we sing songs Mrs chin suddenly like today she EM0... The way she wave the flag is like..
Undescrible(dun mind my spelling error) Must act out then funny hahas....

爱是一种说不出来得话,是要自己感受到的一种感觉。。。[I anyhow create one hahas ;p]

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Haiz... This few days I dunno why I soo moody...
This minute I am laughing and the next minute i am angry and starts to whack ppl for no reason so today i decided to apologized to those that i whack (without any reason)....

Today Mrs chin dunno why suddenly ask jia jun if his father got cane him anot(hehe i not paying atttention).Then JJ say his dad nvr cane then suddenly Mrs chin face like very shock... Mrs chin wans JJ to be caned by his father ...Crazy one.Today Kok Zhi Yee told me that during P-T-M(Parents teacher meet)Mrs Woon keep saying bad things about them,then the next day Mrs Woon ask if anyone got caned... then when everyone say NO she like kana shock...

Haiz... weird teachers

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Steel Rose

Yesterday, i chat wif steel rose on msn...
He gave me an extra clue and i shall repeat all his clues as he has written me an email about it [below]
1. He is a guy.
2.He is from 6H or 6G. u guess.
3.He is from a gang in another area. he won't tell me where
4.He knows Ft whereabouts.[His gang provides him details

Proof for hint no. 4:
Monday : Has chinese supp class but free for the rest of the day.
Tuesday: Has robotix and supp class. Because of H1N1, there is no robotix for the next and past few weeks.
Wednesday: Has Science tuition at Stalford from 6pm to 7.30pm with her 2 main friends, Lee Si Hui and Goh Jing Yan. Goes home with Janessa Woon. Normally reaches the bus stop after 8pm. Waits for either 192 or 193. Has PRISM too.
Thursday: Free. Friday: Tuition at Stalford from 6pm to 7.30 pm with Lee Si Hui
Friday:After School play basketball near Jin Qian's house.Tuition at Stalford from 6pm to 7pm with Lee Si Hui

5.He comes from a rich family


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rensou no aria


Todae i read tis manga called, Rensou no aria.It is nice DO READ !!!!


Thinking about Mimi my hamster name... My mom gave it to my cousin as my PSLE is coming near... When i call it mimi it responded CUTEEEEE

Saturday, July 4, 2009


I joined blog with fang ting (this is the blog name Below)
It is about manga or anime recommedation so if ur interested visit it.....

P.S I am Futako Mizuki in the blog

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Underground kids

Juz read a manga called 'Underground kids' it is nice if u like shoujo mangas and for those who dont noe where to read free mangas online juz go to tis website and u will be able to find free mangas

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sweet 16

I read a manga called, Sweet 16 .It is sweet well the name says it all. it is actually 5 stories in one manga well i luv that manga and it is NICE !!!

Jurong point

Jux now went to jurong point libary wif sandy,evelyn,sze-g as we go there do homework then went to jurong point eat lunch and the funny thing is we went to try on clothes and sandy picked one that is tight and the shorts are too short for her me and sze-g laugh. i went to wear a clothing picked by sze-g (i think) then i went to wear it. sandy took a photo and she bluetooth it to me i placed it as my wallpaper in phone lah then came back....

Monday, June 8, 2009


Today, juz gt a hamster YEAH~~~ so happy it is a girl hamster.... But one problem that is IT DOES NOT HAVE A NAME!!!!!! i juz cant thinkof a nice name haiz can help me anot ples~~ if u think u have a nice name tell me thx :D but IT IS A GIRL so~ don gib me a BOI name ~~ THX

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Night at the museum 2

-2day went to jp wif sze-g,shit banana,my sis and sze-g sis
- went there at 1 pm to buy the ticket to watch 'night at the museum' but then we brought the 3.50 pm show ticket cos the others ALL FULL
-the movie damn funny sia
-went to zone X after the movie and saw fang ting,si hui,jia jun and anisah
-played 'dance revolution'
-i playes wif fang ting the 1 time i won but then 2 time lost cos 2 time i play wif fang ting was like so damn fast and i cannot catch up ...because of jj lah he chose the song

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Exam results for SA1

My result sux so dun laugh at me ok :D
Higher mother tougue-61.5/100(chinese)
Mother tougue-76/100(chinese)

I noe it is bad but dun laugh at me thx :D

Friday, May 15, 2009

Steel rose

steel rose is now 'popular' in sch lol
Ft wans to noe who he is ....
Wish her gd luck that she can find out who the hack is steel rose

Monday, May 11, 2009

I wanna go places wif snow !!!!!!!


Manga i read b4/now still reading:
-Boku no platinum lady
-sakurahime kaden
-strawberry kiss
-knight princess
-Fly high
-special a
-beauty pop
-kaichou wo maid-sama
-beast master
-aozora pop
-vampire knight
-kiss kiss
-ikenia navigation
-sapphire:ribbon no kishi

Friday, April 3, 2009

RI exam(2)

today take RI exam damn difficult and then teacher say if u leave the answer blank u will get 1 mark so if u leave all 20 question blank u will get 20 marks but then still fail cos it is upon 100 lols so must get at least 50 which is like damn difficult and there are even primary 5 students taking the exam lols.....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

RI exam

so sian ...

Tomorrow, gt the RI exam -_-
Now rushing through the stupid RI practice and i don't noe how to do so many and when i see the solution ... i oso don't understand their solution

Saturday, March 28, 2009

ikenai navigation

Today, i read tis manga and i like it cos it has a lot of romance but the boy is kinda like to tease the girl it is still ongoing.
it is 'bout tis girl where she wish to have a boy friend but she has a high standard then one day she receive tis message and it say that 'place your forehead on this screen' then she place it and suddenly one boy appear and say that he is her soulmate....
it is damn nice!!!!
it is called ikenai navigation

Wednesday, March 25, 2009



finally.... have my own blog liao

Thx Fang ting, i own u one :D