Thursday, November 5, 2009


Today my b'dae
Sandy;Sze-g;Sihui;Wanting;Peisha;Evelyn;Trudy use recess time to secretly buy a cake for me...
Make wish.
Eat cake.

Then blah blah...

After sch, Me;Sihui;Fangting;Wanting;Peisha;Szeg go jp together
Eat at KFC.
Go 77th street but in the end nvr buy anything.
Go arcade.
Play DDR.
Play so long oso forget the time.
Then Szeg;Wanting;Peisha came to the arcade to find us cos when me and fangting [Sihui oso but she left early so she only plae for a while] in the arcade,they went shopping.
Then suddenly they sae HAPPY B'DAE then pass me a bag.
I open then inside got a BABY minnie mouse and 3 postcard of BABIES !!!! AGHHH
So cute
At JP see a lot of BB...
Keep screaming then Ft kinda annoyed
Came home.
My second sis gave me a keychain/ phone chain of a milk bottle. SOOO CUTE
My smallest sis gave a aeroplane chess set ^^
So happy
I oso buy 4 mangas there.. [shared cost wif FT ^^]

This is one of the HAPPIEST day of my life ^^

Muacks bb

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