Monday, October 5, 2009

Study Room

Today, Me,sandy,sze-g and eveyln went to the Gek Poh study room.Then,We were KINDA loud and this IDIOTIC man, we call him perverted Dog keep "Barking" over there, did this:
*Knocks On my table
"Ni Men Ke Bu Ke Yi An Jing!" Translate for those who can't read this sentence(e.g FT)
"Can You Shut Up!!!!!!"
That DAMN bastard....
We keep writing letters about him... You should have seen sandy....
She said that the two things that she have regretted in life is:
-That time at Mac's(sci centre there) She did not argue back wif that Stupid lao ah po(Not chin other woman) She so DAMN gekpoh!!
-Not arguing back wif that stupid DOG(That perverted dog) she said that she would have said this to that DOG If she was given another chance:
"UNCLE(actually that guy quite young around his twenties lah) You knock on the table very loudly u noe can YOU keep it down!!"
when i heard that i was laughing but not very loud cos that bastard is sitting right BEHIND me.....

Stupid Guy go ruin my PERFECT day

And i am not finish,, There is another stupid gekpoh old lady!
we were WHISPERING (Yes whispering!!!!!) then she said:
Go hell lah wan to go shh shh then go toilet lah say so loud not shamelesss one..
we call her " HE MA" which is Hippoputamas[Sry, My spelling sux] then when she went out i went out too then u noe wad i saw.. she was squatting on the floor and talking to her handphone and using her hand to cover her mouth... i think she wans to shit but then dunno where is the toilet so she call police ask for further information... haix pity this kind of attention seekers!! That guy muz be jealous of us the FOUR pretty lady then he so ugly one!!!!

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