Saturday, December 5, 2009

Anisah B'dae

Today is Anisah's B;dae ^^
Happy b'dae Anisah!
We went to watch the movie: New Moon
I sat next to sze-g and a unknown person..
Jun xiang sat next to Sze-g
We watch..Blah Blah
Until this part where Jacob changed into a wolf mah
then very loud so me and sze-g very scared
then jun xiang sunddenly say: "Roar!" or sth like tat
It scared me and szeg then we both screamed...
Lol XD
Only me and szeg scream...
Then oso hav this part where edward went to the Volturi
Then they wanted to kill bella cos she knew too much about vampires
then edward becomes a hero and trys to save bella
so this guy started to fight edward then the floor started to break when edward hit it and blah
This guys threw edward and he hit to stairs and the stairs broke and at tat part me and szeg screamed..
only we scream sia...

Had a great day ^^

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