Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Graduation Lunch

Ok, Today is one of my Best day eva!
Its gonna to be long but.. I will try and make it short =.=
Woke up.
Got ready and went to Si hui hse.
Thn met Jing yan;Fang ting;Wan Ting
Took load of pics in the canteen!~
Gonna post it on facebook soon after i charge my camera's battery..
At the lunch..
The first thing sandy did after sitting down next to me was to ask the t'cher,"When is lunch going to br served?"
Thn u noe hav the wad Congrats song..
Sandy said " Which bloody man sang this"
Thn she kept asking for refills for the juice.. =.= Lols
When the bread was served, sandy found out her plate was dirty so she ask for a new plate..
She waited for like 20-30 sec?
Thn she cannt take it anymore..
She stood up, went to a waiter and said,"Where is the plate i asked for??" she said it in a ... you noe a.. how to describe arh?
She sat for only like 9 sec thn she stood up and went into the back room where the waiter always appear..
Thn finally, she has the plate she has been like erm.. waiting for?
Sandy, you're so CUTE
Thn went around taking pics..

Went bac to sch..
Decided to go mac wif Anisah and frens..
thn met Wei Lao shi
Went to her hse lol
So pretty
Only me;brena;sze-g;evelyn
Went to mac..
By the time we reach there, they wanted to leave..:< [Anisah and frens]
thn go junxiang hse
play blind-fold
thn go nurul hse untill 7.30pm thn leave
well.. tats all =.=
tried to reduce but seems unsucessful lol
So nervous for tmr lol

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