Sunday, December 20, 2009

Class outing

Yesterday, I went to east coast wif szeg;Fang ting;si hui;Chen yi;Jovin;Wei zhi;Jin Qian;Jia jun;Gary..
So fun..
After we got down the MRT, WE had NO idea on how to go east coast..
So ask ppl lol, thn got one woman say is bus 14 lol..
Th ask the bus 14 the driver thn he say this bustop hav no bus going to east coast thn Ft suggest to go and ask the MRT interchange for direction thn FINALLY noe which bus to sit liao..
It is bus 31.
Thn walk there...
Go burger king..
Thn go rent bicycle...
Thn go beach play thn go bac Jp eat thn 9.30 leave...
So happy when i reached home..

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