Monday, November 2, 2009

Marina Barrage

Today go Marina Barrage...
Actually sit wif Shu ting..
Then change i sit wif Fang ting..
Go there folo tour guide...
Blah Blah
Then break Time...
Bring SOOOOO many food leh...
Everyone share..
Gurl gib guys,Guys gib gurls...
So full leh but still left so many..
Then girl guy food ( or should i write SNACKS) fight.
Then we go play wif water..
the water playground
and btw Sze g's frisbee got thrown into the water by EUGENE TAN
Play wif water..
Guys purposely make gurls wet lah ..
so angry but kinda fun
Then go back sch lah..
Go bb court..
Then EC over there record vids..
WT,PS,SH tell me things about wad EC did..
U wanna noe..
Ask me i tell u


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