Monday, November 30, 2009

Psle result

Got into SST..
Today go registrate..
and order bks and uniform..
The uniform is navyblue wif short(Skirt wif pants underneath)
the short colour is around the same colour as our west grove skirt...
The BEST part is tat...
So happy
and they oso allow ankle socks...
Today i went to but labtop too...
Must buy one..
I brought a Macbook pro..

P.S- Hope u all get into the sch of ur first choice kay!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Graduation Lunch

Ok, Today is one of my Best day eva!
Its gonna to be long but.. I will try and make it short =.=
Woke up.
Got ready and went to Si hui hse.
Thn met Jing yan;Fang ting;Wan Ting
Took load of pics in the canteen!~
Gonna post it on facebook soon after i charge my camera's battery..
At the lunch..
The first thing sandy did after sitting down next to me was to ask the t'cher,"When is lunch going to br served?"
Thn u noe hav the wad Congrats song..
Sandy said " Which bloody man sang this"
Thn she kept asking for refills for the juice.. =.= Lols
When the bread was served, sandy found out her plate was dirty so she ask for a new plate..
She waited for like 20-30 sec?
Thn she cannt take it anymore..
She stood up, went to a waiter and said,"Where is the plate i asked for??" she said it in a ... you noe a.. how to describe arh?
She sat for only like 9 sec thn she stood up and went into the back room where the waiter always appear..
Thn finally, she has the plate she has been like erm.. waiting for?
Sandy, you're so CUTE
Thn went around taking pics..

Went bac to sch..
Decided to go mac wif Anisah and frens..
thn met Wei Lao shi
Went to her hse lol
So pretty
Only me;brena;sze-g;evelyn
Went to mac..
By the time we reach there, they wanted to leave..:< [Anisah and frens]
thn go junxiang hse
play blind-fold
thn go nurul hse untill 7.30pm thn leave
well.. tats all =.=
tried to reduce but seems unsucessful lol
So nervous for tmr lol

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I miss my frens so much leh sia...
Graudation Lunch sure cry one..
Maybe should bring one packet of tissue?
Maybe two?
Maybe one whole box?

My mom brought me a dress!?!?!
Yes,A Dress
She told me to wear it..
I dun wan
She force me
Cos she say.. If dun wear the dress then next time i wear maybe too small liao
Then i wear it lol
So i am wearing a mini jacket wif my black dress

Actually the dress kinda pretty leh


Monday, November 16, 2009


Today, Normal day lol...
Okay, I shall skip to the funny part.
Jun xiang and szeg playing stress, then wei jie suddenly come and say:"Sandy my gf"
We all ignore him cos we noe he making fun of sandy
Then when mrs chin let us go home
Wei ji say:" Sandy my gf" and he said that to Jingyan;Qianlin;Jan
I keep laughing then sandy whack me
Then i tell szeg and evelyn then we all laughing
Then me and sze g say together:" Wei jie and sandy stead"
Then say what we all go write in blog
Ahya.. We all noe that wei jie is just joking =.=
Btw sandy say that they are NOT in a relantionship

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nth to do

This few days go sch oso nth to do..
Ytd,got the sex talk[Lols]
Guys and girls separate..
Guys go Mr wahid class and girls stay..
Talk about..[Very private things]
Then,when we found out the guys coming back to our class..
We quickly shouted to Mrs Chin:" Stop! Stop! The boys coming back!"
Then I saw the boys laughing at us lol =.=
Then sth ver .. scaring happened..
Can't sae..
But 6H ppl should noe lah.

Gtg liao

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Today my b'dae
Sandy;Sze-g;Sihui;Wanting;Peisha;Evelyn;Trudy use recess time to secretly buy a cake for me...
Make wish.
Eat cake.

Then blah blah...

After sch, Me;Sihui;Fangting;Wanting;Peisha;Szeg go jp together
Eat at KFC.
Go 77th street but in the end nvr buy anything.
Go arcade.
Play DDR.
Play so long oso forget the time.
Then Szeg;Wanting;Peisha came to the arcade to find us cos when me and fangting [Sihui oso but she left early so she only plae for a while] in the arcade,they went shopping.
Then suddenly they sae HAPPY B'DAE then pass me a bag.
I open then inside got a BABY minnie mouse and 3 postcard of BABIES !!!! AGHHH
So cute
At JP see a lot of BB...
Keep screaming then Ft kinda annoyed
Came home.
My second sis gave me a keychain/ phone chain of a milk bottle. SOOO CUTE
My smallest sis gave a aeroplane chess set ^^
So happy
I oso buy 4 mangas there.. [shared cost wif FT ^^]

This is one of the HAPPIEST day of my life ^^

Muacks bb

Monday, November 2, 2009

Marina Barrage

Today go Marina Barrage...
Actually sit wif Shu ting..
Then change i sit wif Fang ting..
Go there folo tour guide...
Blah Blah
Then break Time...
Bring SOOOOO many food leh...
Everyone share..
Gurl gib guys,Guys gib gurls...
So full leh but still left so many..
Then girl guy food ( or should i write SNACKS) fight.
Then we go play wif water..
the water playground
and btw Sze g's frisbee got thrown into the water by EUGENE TAN
Play wif water..
Guys purposely make gurls wet lah ..
so angry but kinda fun
Then go back sch lah..
Go bb court..
Then EC over there record vids..
WT,PS,SH tell me things about wad EC did..
U wanna noe..
Ask me i tell u