Thursday, October 22, 2009


Today got S.P.A progamme..
I teach my student STH finally!!
Cos previous lesson almost all questions he noe how to do and today, finally he dunno sth. I teach him still dun understand, Teach him again , Still dun understand... But in the end he understand liao!!~
After the progamme, I wanted to go home then i saw : Wanting;Sihui;dora;peisha there teaching a Indian gurl one question tat dora has been teaching her for half an hour...
Then saw Jovin and Wayne, si hui and me pulled them and asked [ Or should i write FORCED] them to teach the girl..
Mr chao shuai [Wayne =.=''] say wad: Tv is 7 times printers so Tv is 7u and printer is 1u. So Tv is 7 times....
Stupid rite Repeat wad is written on the paper...
Dunno how he teach one..
Then I say go canteen sit down and teach. All agreed. But in the end, we kinda gave up cos that girl is like DAMN stupid lah.. =.='' ( NO OFFENDS K? )
So, Me and Jovin went to find Miss koh cos she t'cher wad so more specialise in t'ching.
Miss koh dunno say wad then we all go home lol cos she told us to go home.
Forget to say tat actually jovin and wayne are suppose to walk jan home but when me and jovin went to find t'cher,Wayne escaped..
So i replace wayne lol.. I walk jan home wif jovin.. Damn unlucky cos it started to rain lah but jan,jo,me no umbrella so walk under the rain...
I there so EXTRA lah but when i walk behind them Jan will slow down and talk to me...

Nid go sleep liao tmr nid to wake up early... =.=''

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