Sunday, August 9, 2009

national day celebration

Today my Dad say he will bring us go watch the firework but we are nt inside the stadiam we are watching it outside hahas...

My Mom keeps nagging about me studying cos these few days of the holiday I keep playing com and she keep saying " Kok yin ah!All the sch u DSA for oso nvr get in so u must work hard for PSLE but u keep playing com! If gt exam about playing com then I let u play but dunno have that kind of Exam wad...."
Then I will reply lke tis "HELLO! SST not sch meh they havent reply yet ok!" then my Mom keep saying i sure cannt get in one cos i keep playing com and i have jux realize that I have been posting for 3 days straight!!! hahas not a record but it is a PERSONAL record...

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