Friday, October 30, 2009

Pissed off

Today Damn pissed off b'cos of Someone
Tat Someone talked bad about me behind my back..
So wad leh..
Think he/she VERY popular in School lah
Say what a lot of ppl hate me..
Not like a lot of ppl like tat someone oso...

Forget it
Damn pissed


Thursday, October 29, 2009

At sch

Juz finished the H.E and S.S test...
It was okay..
But oso kinda hard..
Dun care liao lah.
I slept during H.E
Now at com lab..
Guys playing Counter Strike...
Gurls leh...
Dunno wad they playing.
Yesterday,I went to Nurul hse..
Played Blindfold.
They help me put henna [correct spelling?]
Quite pretty but oso ugly.
Soo cold now
And Thanks for taqqinq everybody ^^

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jurong Pointz

Today go jp wif Sze g and Si hui ^^
So happy..
Sit Bus go there.
Then go mac buy ice-cream..
Go window shopping cos we wanna eat the i-scream finish first then go arcade.
So fun we took off our shoes then dance.
Feet became Black ( Eekkk )
Then saw,Fatimah,Si lei,Gloria
Said Hi ^^
Went Comics Connection..
Brought TWO [2] Mangas ^^
So happy!!
Saw a lot of babies there!!
One of them was yawning when looking at me
Luv them [Babies!!]


Today got S.P.A progamme..
I teach my student STH finally!!
Cos previous lesson almost all questions he noe how to do and today, finally he dunno sth. I teach him still dun understand, Teach him again , Still dun understand... But in the end he understand liao!!~
After the progamme, I wanted to go home then i saw : Wanting;Sihui;dora;peisha there teaching a Indian gurl one question tat dora has been teaching her for half an hour...
Then saw Jovin and Wayne, si hui and me pulled them and asked [ Or should i write FORCED] them to teach the girl..
Mr chao shuai [Wayne =.=''] say wad: Tv is 7 times printers so Tv is 7u and printer is 1u. So Tv is 7 times....
Stupid rite Repeat wad is written on the paper...
Dunno how he teach one..
Then I say go canteen sit down and teach. All agreed. But in the end, we kinda gave up cos that girl is like DAMN stupid lah.. =.='' ( NO OFFENDS K? )
So, Me and Jovin went to find Miss koh cos she t'cher wad so more specialise in t'ching.
Miss koh dunno say wad then we all go home lol cos she told us to go home.
Forget to say tat actually jovin and wayne are suppose to walk jan home but when me and jovin went to find t'cher,Wayne escaped..
So i replace wayne lol.. I walk jan home wif jovin.. Damn unlucky cos it started to rain lah but jan,jo,me no umbrella so walk under the rain...
I there so EXTRA lah but when i walk behind them Jan will slow down and talk to me...

Nid go sleep liao tmr nid to wake up early... =.=''

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trudy BBQ

Yesterday,I went to Trudy BBQ party..
It was ok lah..
Me and jovin had a cooking competition, we had Fang Ting and JJ to be judge and guess wad... No body won cos JJ voted for Jo and Ft voted for me... Sianz.
Oh,I was searching Youtube and I came across this vid.. Go watch DAMN nice..
SURE TO MAKE YOU LAUGH COS THERE GOT BABY LEH..[Some] There are oso cat vids.. specially for sandy:th-cat-lover


Friday, October 16, 2009

Manga pics

All these pics are pics of Toddlers!! SOOO cute and one of the pics there is a girl carring a cat soft toy I hope Sandy would like it...
The First pic is what we describle as Puppy love ( Baby love ) Man it is like SOOOOOO cute lah! Luv them ^^

p.s click on the pics to enlarge


So sad..
Today I sick.
I had headaches during MT and they were DAMN pain even worse than being cane by my parents..
Then, I started to vomit. I vomited 3 times already..
I took a nap and felt better and I could eat..
So my mom say if I no longer vomit she would not bring me to the doctor..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cute Manga

My Friend juz send me this CUTE manga pic I let a you all see..Click the picture to enlarge it...

Exam Bye bye !!

Yay! So Damn happy Exam Bye Bye liao. Now reading manga and watching anime and NO NAGGING Whoo!!!
But Dunno why I can't login into Facebook leh...
Sandy or maybe some else come and help me leh....
They say my account disabled...=.=
Help I wanna play leh....

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Today, I understand the meaning of " Feeling the stroke of Death even when you are alive".Being scolded for wad you did not do.Getting beaten for doing nothing at all.Using the rights of being an adult.Hiding in a dark room, crying.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Arh! Help needed...
Tomorrow P-S-L-E Liao wad should I do leh....
Some ppl like MR DJ and MR JL say muz relax..=.=
You tell me how to relax HUH!
tomorrow psle liao leh....

Forget it... Mr JL is still cycling happily on his tiny little bike.....[I saw him]

I decided to somewad relax too... 0.o..

Monday, October 5, 2009

Study Room

Today, Me,sandy,sze-g and eveyln went to the Gek Poh study room.Then,We were KINDA loud and this IDIOTIC man, we call him perverted Dog keep "Barking" over there, did this:
*Knocks On my table
"Ni Men Ke Bu Ke Yi An Jing!" Translate for those who can't read this sentence(e.g FT)
"Can You Shut Up!!!!!!"
That DAMN bastard....
We keep writing letters about him... You should have seen sandy....
She said that the two things that she have regretted in life is:
-That time at Mac's(sci centre there) She did not argue back wif that Stupid lao ah po(Not chin other woman) She so DAMN gekpoh!!
-Not arguing back wif that stupid DOG(That perverted dog) she said that she would have said this to that DOG If she was given another chance:
"UNCLE(actually that guy quite young around his twenties lah) You knock on the table very loudly u noe can YOU keep it down!!"
when i heard that i was laughing but not very loud cos that bastard is sitting right BEHIND me.....

Stupid Guy go ruin my PERFECT day

And i am not finish,, There is another stupid gekpoh old lady!
we were WHISPERING (Yes whispering!!!!!) then she said:
Go hell lah wan to go shh shh then go toilet lah say so loud not shamelesss one..
we call her " HE MA" which is Hippoputamas[Sry, My spelling sux] then when she went out i went out too then u noe wad i saw.. she was squatting on the floor and talking to her handphone and using her hand to cover her mouth... i think she wans to shit but then dunno where is the toilet so she call police ask for further information... haix pity this kind of attention seekers!! That guy muz be jealous of us the FOUR pretty lady then he so ugly one!!!!