Sunday, July 19, 2009

Steel Rose

Yesterday, i chat wif steel rose on msn...
He gave me an extra clue and i shall repeat all his clues as he has written me an email about it [below]
1. He is a guy.
2.He is from 6H or 6G. u guess.
3.He is from a gang in another area. he won't tell me where
4.He knows Ft whereabouts.[His gang provides him details

Proof for hint no. 4:
Monday : Has chinese supp class but free for the rest of the day.
Tuesday: Has robotix and supp class. Because of H1N1, there is no robotix for the next and past few weeks.
Wednesday: Has Science tuition at Stalford from 6pm to 7.30pm with her 2 main friends, Lee Si Hui and Goh Jing Yan. Goes home with Janessa Woon. Normally reaches the bus stop after 8pm. Waits for either 192 or 193. Has PRISM too.
Thursday: Free. Friday: Tuition at Stalford from 6pm to 7.30 pm with Lee Si Hui
Friday:After School play basketball near Jin Qian's house.Tuition at Stalford from 6pm to 7pm with Lee Si Hui

5.He comes from a rich family


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