Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother day special

Came past this article...
So touching...

My mom has only one eye. I hate her……she often make me look bad in front of people. She was working at my primary school as a canteen vendor. One day, she came to my class and wave to me! She made me extremely embarrass. Why would she want to do that? I glared at her, pretend nothing happen and ran out. The next day, one of my classmate tease me and said, ‘Why does your mother only have one eye?’

I was so embarrassed and wished that the ground would just swallow me! When I returned home that day, I questioned her in a very fierce tone and manner, ‘If you want to keep embarrassing me in front of my classmates, you must as well just go to hell!” Mom just kept quiet. In that instance, all I wanted to do was to leave this place, and get separated from her forever.

I studied hard and managed to get into a university in Singapore. Later, I got married and had2 sons. They were obedient, and life’s relatively good. However, it all changed when my mother visited us all of a sudden one day. My 2 boys cried upon seeing her and asked me, ‘Why does this person has only one eye?’ I was flushed by anger. ‘Mom, why did you come without my letting me know? You are scaring my sons! I want you to get out now! Now! Get out!’ ‘I just saw the wrong address…’ With that, she left.

One day, I received a letter inviting me to attend a primary school class gathering in my old town. I lied to my wife that I have business to attend there and immediately took a plane to my old primary school the very next day. For no reason, I stumbled onto my mother’s house. I knocked. No one answered. Then, a neighbor of hers told me, ‘She had died…’ I heaved a big sigh of relief and did not even shed a tear. She then gave me a letter:

Dear Son,

I have been thinking about you day and night. I visited you without letting you know and scared your sons. I am terribly sorry about that. When I heard that you were coming to attend your primary school class gathering, I was extremely delighted.

However, I can’t even get up and see you now. I still remember that I kept embarrassing you while you were growing up, I am sorry and hope you can forgive me.

Did you know, when you were young, you had a terrible accident and lost and eye as a result. As a mother, I couldn’t let my son live her life with only one eye. So, I donated my eye to you…… Helping me to see the world with one my eye is a great feeling…..

From your mother

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