Monday, January 4, 2010


Just came back to on Mac.
First day sch rain...
Thank goodness no JAM!
My form t'cher is Mr James Koh.
Call him Mr koh.
He is erm... Big in size...
somewad like Mr tay..
But he is DAMN nice not like Mr tay.
He Damn funny
At class always make joke one.
Laugh like crazy.
Then got reporters come sia.
Then they teach the VERY chim thing.
The physics the wad Building Bridges.
Then say wad compression and wad tension.
Then say W x D1 equals clockwise movement
Then say wad T x D2 equals anticlockwise movement.
Walao you noe "beh da han" u noe
First day only teach so chim.
Havent even started sci lesson lol.
Then they tell us to build a bridge using cardboard, strings, icecream stick, etc
But then okay one lah...
BUT there is not bell at all...
E.g after recess, there has no bell so u will hav to check the time urself LOL.
And the food...
Okay okay, but not every nice

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